Open your company in Bahrain? 100% Foreign ownership.

Bahrain, is a modern metropolis, based between two seas in the Persian Gulf. An island boasting to be the only country in the area, which is very American and which is has more tolerance of any other country in the area, as well as having more freedom for all. The largest American NSA base in the area is based here, as well as the British have a base here too. We have been living here since 2007. There are so many more freedoms here, for both men and women. In fact there are more Women, in top ranking positions than there are men.  Please download our “Why Bahrain 5?” Brochure to find out about why its a good idea for you to be here. There is even a free trade agreement with the USA, so anything made here, when shipped to the USA, is imported into the USA free of charge.

When you open a company with us you get a few
perks too. Company is 100% owned by you.
There are a few exceptions, but not that many.

You get your own Bank account.
You get your own Cryptocurrency account.
You get your own SIM (mobile phone number).
We can organize for you, your residence permit.
We can offer you a contract, where we take care
of the smooth running of your company while
you are away. (Max two years).
We can obtain for you, a fixed telephone number,
for your company.
We can offer you a permanent address for your
There are more things we can offer, included in
the package.
Click on pdf below to see the Why Bahrain 5

Why Bahrain 5

All costings can be sent to you by email, just tell
us what activity you need the company to do?
If you are interested in getting an offer, for
your company or for yourself. Please reserve
your place.

Did you know now for 2021 Bahrain is offering
at a fixed deposit interest of 2.25% per 90 days
or per month a fixed deposit of 1.75%

This is better, than anywhere else on this planet.


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