Quick Bank certificate verification in 12 hours


We can only verify that the Bank certificate comes
from a real bank.

A customer of ours received a bank certification from
a USA Financial company in Florida. All information
was shown, even passport of the buyer. We even
found the USA Financial company, but we also found
out that the USA Financial company does not do
international money transfers. So the banking
document was a fake. My customer could have sent
out a USD15000 watch by DHL and lost the watch,
if we had not found out that the document
from the bank was indeed a very good fake.

Our customers have, there is a need to do a proper
due diligence, find out it the banking certification
came from a real Financial Institution, or just a

The following services are included in this
verification offer:
1. Verification of the company, that it has an active
company registration.
2. Verification of the CE, FDA, TUV certification
with the company name of the supplier.
3. Verification of other certification from other
test facilities. (Some test facilities can also be fake.)

We will submit all findings in a report, then its up
to you if you wish to proceed with your business
or not. In the report there will be photos and links,
showing our findings.

We will work in many continents and in many
different countries. We have in house over
12 different languages, from our multi-national

Time normally takes 24hrs, needs to be a working
day. Our hours are Sunday to
Friday 10am to 10pm

If you have more than one verification to do,
please consult with us.

If you wish to purchase our subscription service
on a yearly basis, see prices below.

By buying our subscription, you get the same
services, but you, will get two more months,
for free. 12 verification’s per year, used
whenever you like.

We accept Paypal or Benefit Pay, or
Bank Transfer. We will send you an invoice,
for your records.


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