About Us

Micronetics today is there to help you save time and money, verify who you are working with. Find out at least if your new business partner has a company, that their company has a valid registration number, as well as being currently active.

Many times over the course of many years I look back at all the businesses I have done in the past which did not come off, due to the circumstances where, we later found out that the supplier did not have what they say they had, or did not exist. Or we had a customer, who claimed he was from Saudi Arabia, but then, we found out he was a pensioner from Southern Spain, dressed as a Saudi and dressed like an Arab.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, before hand we could have checked out to see if our customers or if our suppliers were real? We do not have a magic wound, but we can make a verification for you. At least having a bit more information about who you are doing business with might give you a little more security. In taking that decision as to if, you are dealing with someone who is correct or not. See below more services and more prices.

Please note :
We are offering referrals, bring us a new customer and we will offer you a commission of 20% of the the customers order value. Paid directly to you once the customer pays for their order.